I started covering high school football with K&G Productions out of Shelbyville 2007.   Gary Dearing, Mark Lamb, and I were asked to join a brand new radio station in 2011 called "The Duck".  I stayed with the Duck for 3 years before switching over to another station in Tullahoma which was strictly Sports.   I spent two years there, before returning to the Duck in 2016.   After another two years at the Duck, we decided to part ways as I prefer to stick to a "Statewide" format while the Duck prefers a more local format.   For the 2018 season, we'll be streaming live over our new YouTube Channel.   Plans are to continue building our audience and hopefully transistion into a Statewide podcast at some point.   We're very appreciative of the loyal listeners we've had over the years and we intend to up our game this season with "Live" video on location of not only Coaches, but also players.   Please continue to support us by making the Friday Main Event YouTube Channel your pregame destination each week!